Growth Operations on Your Terms

We provide seasoned captains and doers in marketing and sales—our heroes—who command both the grand strategies and the fine print. We meld marketing, sales, and success technologies into a seamless growth machine.

So, what do we do exactly? »

    An ad agency?

    No, my friend! Marketing Heroes are experienced marketers and salespeople (freelancers) who assist within mutually agreed frameworks.

    For Whom?

    For those who need flexible marketing and sales muscle and support. For organizations that can’t or don’t want to handle everything in-house.


    A hero works smartly, doing as much as possible on their own. You pay for true effort, since we don’t even have an office. Hopefully, there are still holiday parties.

    “We received tangible help in boosting our search engine marketing and guidance on our questions as our marketing stepped forward.”Elina Harju, Head of HR & Marketing, Montel Intergalactic Oy
    Elina Harju

    How It Works

    • Share Your Challenges

      Our mission is to empower organizations by integrating marketing, sales, and modern technology. Speak up about your concerns.

    • Map Out Guidelines

      Let’s talk. Let’s ideate. Let’s prioritize. Define boundaries (read: budget). What do you really need a hero for?

    • Then, We Dive In!

      Our hero takes the helm, following the rules and priorities we’ve set together. Goals are always top of mind—and in reports.

    • Long-term Partnership

      We believe the best results come from long-term collaboration. We aim for a lasting relationship that adapts to circumstances. Clients know their heroes, and heroes know the businesses they serve.


      Practical Things a Hero Can Do

      Strategy and Planning

      When you want clarity in marketing, collaboration with sales, and to reconnect with customers you might have overlooked in the daily grind.

      Social Media, Google, Automations, and Whatnot

      Digital content, data, processes, advertising. Boosting visibility and sales online, and of course, taking care of your website.


      Despite Google, it can make sense to advertise in local newspapers. Perhaps sales need brochures or at least business cards?


      Fairs, summer events, sales promotions, webinars. A Marketing Hero can handle the work and provide extra hands at events.

      Support and Coaching

      We don’t build walls; our hero helps as best they can. It might be strategizing, training, or even finding and managing partners.

      Individual Projects

      Looking for a powerhouse to handle that Important Project? Heroes are available for product launches, temporary sales leadership, website overhauls, and more.


      Get in Touch

      Until we get bitten by a radioactive spider and can shoot webs from our wrists, we’ll try to catch you with a form. You can also easily book a 30-min online meeting with us.

      Direct emails and calls to Saskia Salomaa:

      saskia.salomaa (at)
      tel: +358 44 530 5919